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Financial controler

A significant service provided by Accounting Experts is the outsourcing of the Financial Controller. Outsourcing the Financial Controller function is a new service on the accounting services market.Within the scope of this service we provide expert knowledge, Board reports as well as consultancy required to make day to day decisions as well as to plan a development strategy.

Most financial and accounts systems only provide company authorities analyses and reports pertaining to the past, which are only good to assess company performance and trends. These data say little about the effectiveness of management.

In order to be able to assess managerial performance , the targets which they were given should be compared against the achieved results. If deviations are found then corrective measures should be put in place to allow targets to be met. For a business to be an ongoing concern and a success in the long run, continual analysis of detected deviations is needed.

Thus, in an attempt to satisfy the information needs of our clients we have introduced an innovative Financial Controller function outsourcing.

Using an internet browser you will have access to financial data and evaluate the performance of your company. The tools used by EK constitute excellent support for financial management. This means that information on company finances and wealth may be accessed at any time and from any place and the incomes and expenditures budgeting option delivers information on the degree to which the company plan has been performed.

We’ve boiled down the main Financial Controller outsourcing tasks to:

  • preparing budgets as well as sales and financial plans;
  • analyses of budgets and clarification of deviations;
  • sales analyses by segments and product groups;
  • effectiveness of sales and mark ups;
  • preparing sales reports;
  • preparing financial reports for the head office;
  • providing accurate executive information used in the decision making process;
  • adjustment of the accounts schedule to the requirements of managing accounts;
  • information on the costs and incomes generated by particular departments;
  • providing information on the profitability for individual clients;
  • establish as structure of income-cost centres;
  • preparation of monthly executive reports for the management.

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