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Within the scope of this service we take care of comprehensive book keeping and bringing accounts up to date. The accounts services includes:

Book keeping

  • in accordance with the Accountancy Act and the applicable legal order;
  • drawing up of an accounting policy and Company Accounts Schedule;
  • use of Company Accounts Schedule and principle of balance sheet estimates in the group;
  • updating accounting policy and account schedules;
  • keeping registers of fixed and intangible assets, both for balance sheet as well as tax reasons, maintaining monthly depreciation write-offs in accordance with the depreciation rate as approved by the customer;
  • monthly consulting on accounting balances and keeping track of receivables and liabilities.

Maintaining a register of tax settlements

  • maintaining a register allowing for the preparation of legally required financial documents pertaining to:


– corporate income tax;

– personal income tax;

– other taxes and fees.

  • preparing and submitting NI declarations;
  • preparing and submitting reports to GUS and NBP.

Financial statements

  • drawing up of annual financial reports in accordance with the Accounting Act;
  • preparing consolidated financial reports;
  • ongoing monitoring of Company financial condition
  • forewarning and advice in case of a cash flow risk.

We pay particular attention to the quality of our services, Client communication and periodic customer satisfaction surveys.

Our Clients can rest assured that the following will also be taken care of:

  • Tax Office issues subject to an appropriate power of attorney;
  • advice and consultancy;
  • VAT returns;
  • drawing up requests for tax interpretations for the Tax Office;
  • assistance in the event of official tax control and audit.

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