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Accounting oversight

The purpose of accounts supervision is to control accounts department staff at our Client’s company and assuming responsibility in accordance with the Head Accountant function.

The main advantage of this solution is protection against the adverse consequences of the accounting books being contrary to the law.

Control and responsibility for maintaining accounting books at the Client’s offices includes:

  • checking turnover and account balances on close of month end and a detailed verification of the classification of each approved accounting document and its entry into the books in a given month;
  • a detailed analysis of contractor account balances, as well as public and legal, employee and other settlements;
  • detailed verification of cash books;
  • detailed verification of tangible and intangible asset registers and depreciation plans;
  • consolidation of actual balances with accounting balances;
  • monthly checking of VAT purchase and sale registers, checking the VAT 7 declaration;
  • checking the detailed calculation of CIT payments;
  • drawing up a profit and loss account and a balance sheet for the company on a monthly basis;
  • regular, monthly reviews of accounting books;
  • preparing a detailed list of comments and a possible mistakes within the scope of classification and registering of business transactions.


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